The Replacements “Tim”.

Well here we go, my first blog post. After doing some thinking, what record do I want to talk about first? So many sprang to my mind but I kept going back to The Replacements. I hope to talk about their other albums soon but today we’ll stick with “Tim”. I’m sure most are already aware of the mats short-lived but amazing legacy so I won’t repeat what has already been said. I would like to touch on why they are an all time favorite , and  why I connect with them so much. Tim is a more mature album the twin tone years, (mature being used loosely here) but the fun edge is still there. Something I find so amazing here is that whether it be them showing their carefree, in your face attitude or their softer more vulnerable side, you connect to these  lyrics, ,experiences and the emotions in them all. Sometimes we all may feel like saying “Hold my life cause I just might lose it” to the nervousness and embarrassment of “kiss me on the bus”.  Of course I couldn’t get away without  talking about one of their greatest songs and album closer “Here Comes a regular”.  With great lyrics such as “He says opportunity knocks and the door slams shut” “I used to live at home now I stay at the house”. To  “Everybody wants to be someone’s here”. I could randomly pick lyrics to this and relate or  at least feel  the same way.  That and a long with the fact they play great in your face Rocknroll is while I’ll always go back to The Replacements.  Let me know if you’re a fan or what your favorite “Mats” song is

Below is my vinyl  copy of “Tim” it’s a reissue I haven’t been able to snag an original pressing.